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The change of immigration category applies to people who already have a valid residency in Costa Rica and wish to change their status to another category based on change of circumstances or the change from a temporary residency to a permanent residency.
To make the change of the immigration status in Costa Rica, all requirements of the new category must be submitted to the immigration department and the existing documentation on the previous file is valid to make the change.

U.S. $ 350.00 per applicant , payable in three tracts, the first payment when the documentation is signed, the second when the file is complete at immigration and the third payment when the final resolution of the migration process is received.

8-12 months since the documentation is complete.
Other expenses:
U.S. $ 200.00 for change of status.
U.S. $ 50 (these fifty U.S. dollars apply to those cases in which this payment was not done at the moment of obtaining the first residency. Some work permits or study permits do not cancel this sum, so if no such payment was doe, it is required its cancellation). If the person has already made this payment, there is no need of paying this fee again.
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Updated 04/30/2014

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costa rica Residency Categories

Permanent Residency: Direct Family Relationship
Based on Direct Family Relationship with a Costa Rican Citizen. Spouse, mother/father, son/daughter, brother or sister. More...
Temporary Residency as a Pensioner (Retiree)
Based upon the income from a pension or similar of at least US$1000 a month. More...
Change of Immigration Category or Immigration Status
Procedure available for residents who already have a residency approved under one of the regimes and want to change to a different one. More...
Temporary Residency as Annuitant
Based upon proving a monthly income of at least US$2500 for a period of 2 years. The applicant must have a current visa. More...
Student's Permit
In order to study in Costa Rica it is required to obtain a special residency permit for students and to be studying in an academic institution recognized by the Education Ministry. More...
Companies Recognition
Companies working under a special export regimen, tourism companies, financial institutions, multinationals. More...
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incorporation services

Company Formation and incorporation services.

Acquisition of shelf-companies. List of shelf companies available.

Business Start Ups and License Acquisition for new corporations in order to start operations in Costa Rica.

Legalization of documents
Legalization of Costa Rican titles and documents (apostille services). All certifications are originals and issued by the proper authority in Costa Rica. If the document is going to be used abroad it will be legalized by the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the corresponding Consulate so that it has full legal effects anywhere in the world.

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